We test, calibrate, certify various measuring instruments, as well as advise enterprises on arrangement of their on-site metrological support.

Testing of industrial goods

 We test industrial products for safety, electromagnetic compatibility, power efficiency and conformity with normative requirements.


 We maintain database of products released by the enterprises of St.Petersburg, Leningrad Oblast and Russia.


 We render information on national standards and advise on development of factory standards and specifications.

Testing of foodstuffs

 We perform safety and consumer tests of foodstuffs and materials, alcoholic and soft drinks, food additives, perfumery and many other items.


 Our partners certify products, services and management systems.

Competence assessment of laboratories

 We assess competence of testing and analytical laboratories for their further accreditation and development of the diversified regional infrastructure of the testing system.


 We offer services in a field of conformity assessment of nanotechnologies and nanoproducts.

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