Museum of history

The museum of Test-St.Petersburg’s history was opened on February 23, 1994 Its collection includes various measuring instruments, documents and materials related to establishment of the St.Petersburg Calibration Tent of Trading Measures and Weights and its evolution to the current institution.

The exhibition of the museum is displayed in several rooms. The first one presents photos of all directors of the organization, starting from the first one — D.B.Shostakovich, father of the great composer.

Of great interest are the old Russian national measures. The exhibition tells about national standards kept in the monasteries and churches, shows the model of pomernaya izba (a log hut medieval weight-measuring establishment), documentation and pictures related to Prince Vladimir, Peter-the-Great, and others.

The museum demonstrates the model of the First Calibration Tent, reconstructs its interior, presents its clients’ room on the wall photo and documents on establishment of the new calibration business according to Regulations on Measures and Weights of June 4, 1899 approved by Emperor Nikolay II.

One of the rooms is devoted to two relative families: Shostakovichs and Kokoulins. Photos, documents and D.D.Shostakovich’s personal belongings are also on display.

The exhibition displays the most important documents on work of the institution during the First World War and the Civil War, the first congress of calibrators in 1917, introduction of the international metric system of measures and weights in the country.

During the Great Patriotic War and the Leningrad Siege, the institution did not stop its work. The documents on the stands are devoted to that severe time. In the post-war years the laboratory of the institution has been relocated to the building in Kurlyandskaya Street which currently houses the office and facilities of Test-St.Petersburg.