Product Codification
  • Codification sector
    Codification sector
    Room 205, 2 floor, staircase 2
    +7 (812) 244-12-57
  • The Product Codification Sector maintains the database Products in St.Petersburg and Leningrad Oblast, (about 19 000 items) and has access to the database Products of Russia, (about 300 000 items).

    Test-St.Petersburg renders the following codification services:

    • Registration of products launched by local manufacturers;
    • Rendering the information on:
      • manufacturer of a product (name, address, contacts, etc.);
      • technical specification or a normative document (name, date of bringing into force, etc.);
      • basic product characteristics;
      • full product codification information.
    • Filling of product codification registration page;
    • Consulting on the codes of All-Russia Product Classifier, National Standards Classifier , All-Russia Standards Classifier.