Food Testing
  • Food testing laboratory
    Department # 421
    Room 514-7 , 5 floor, staircase 5
    +7 (812) 244-12-51
    +7 (812) 244-12-52
  • Department for Inspection, Expertise, Testing and Conformity Assessment of Products and Materials

    The department consists of two divisions: Testing Laboratory for Foodstuffs and Materials and Sector for Expertise of Technical Documentation.

    Testing laboratory of food products and raw materials was established in 1989. Since 1998 technical competence and independence was confirmed by the State Standard of Russia.

    Currently, it’s accredited by the Federal Service for accreditation as a Testing Laboratory (center) and meets the requirements of GOST ISO / IEC 17025-2009 (accreditation certificate № РОСС RU.0001.21ПН87. Date of input in the Register of Certification Bodies and Accredited Testing Laborotories (Centers) — 08/03/2016. Also,  The Testing Laboratory is included in The unified Register of Certification Bodies and Testing Laboratories (centers) of the Customs Union.

    TL accreditation scope:

    • product quality (organoleptic, physical-and-chemical analysis, detection of vitamins, macro nutrients and trace elements, amino and fatty acids);
    • safety (detection of heavy metals, pesticides, micro toxins, preservatives, nitrates and nitrites, antibiotics, radionuclides and harmful substances);
    • microbiological, histological and GMO/ GMM tests;
    • product shelf life and storage conditions.

    All the tests are performed against the normative documents (national and international standards, manufacturer standards and specifications) and technical regulations: TR TS 005/2011, TR TS 007/2011, TR TS 008/2011, TR TS 009/2011, TR TS 013/2011, TR TS 015/2011, TR TS 017/2011, TR TS 021/2011, TR TS 023/2011, TR TS 024/2011, TR TS 025/2012, TR TS 027/2012, TR TS 029/2012, ТР ТС 022/2011, ТР ТС 030/2012, ТР ТС 033/2013, ТР ТС 034/2013.

    Items tested:

    • foodstuffs and food raw material;
    • alcoholic and soft drinks, water;
    • food and biologically active additives;
    • perfumes and cosmetics
    • household products and chemicals;
    • fur and leather products, footwear;
    • textile and clothes;
    • sanitary-and-hygienic and medical products;
    • baby and teenager products;
    • toys;
    • packages;
    • household and office furniture;
    • mineral oil products.

    TL regularly demonstrates world-class expertise in the interlaboratory tests conducted within the international FAPAS Proficiency Testing Scheme (Proficiency Testing for Food Chemistry).

    TL continually masters the new up-to-date methods for authenticity analysis (tea, coffee, fatty acid products, fruit and vegetable juices, alcoholic drinks).

    One of the TL areas is evaluation of consumer properties and quality of foodstuffs and nonfood products through comparative testing. For this purpose TL uses the self-developed tasting scales.

    TL performs comparative product testing under the programs of European partners. During 10 years TL has been successfully participating in the Stiftung Warentest testing programs covering:

    • cosmetics;
    • household products and chemicals;
    • sanitary-and-hygienic products.

    The Sector of Expertise of Technical Documentation renders the full-scale aid in development and registration of technical specifications and manufacturer standards, consultations at any step of their development and registration.

    Effectiveness, low prices and individual approach to customer problems enable to save time and money in the process of documentation development.