• Standartization sector
    Department # 421
    Room 204, 207, 208 , 2 floor, staircase 2
    +7 (812) 244-60-44
  • Test—St.Petersburg has one of the Russia’s largest collection of standards: over 40 000 normative documents (texts and changes) (GOST R, GOST, GOST ISO/IEC, all-Russian classifiers, directories, metrological instructions, etc.).

    Standardization services:

    • provision of official editions of national standards (GOST R, GOST) from the federal collection of standards: 1) official editions in paper format with identification holographic mark; 2) official editions in electronic format with digital signature;
    • provision of enterprises and organizations with information from the «National Standards Directory»;
    • provision of methodical aid and consultation in course of development of manufacturer standards, specifications and other technical documentation;
    • consultations on technical regulation issues;
    • consultations on launching products in domestic and outside markets, choosing codes from All-Russian Product Classifier (ОК 005-93);
    • Translation from the codes of Customs Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activitiy  to the codes of All-Russian Classifier and vise-versa;
    • provision of enterprises and organizations with advise in the fields of standardization and mandatory conformity assessment;
    • provision of enterprises and organizations with National Standards Directory, monthly information directories of national standards, all-Russian directories of technical, economic and social information, etc. (reading room)

    Contract forms.

    1. Contract on updating (doc, 45 KB)
    2. Contract on provision of standardization services (doc, 45 KB)

    Distribution of RF national standards

    There is a Test — St.Petersburg-based ROSSTANDART representative office authorized to make copies and distribute official editions of RF national standards (GOST R, GOST) in paper format and in digitally signed electronic format through the computer-aided GOST Distribution System.

    The uniform price-list of technical rules and standards is approved by the ROSSTANDART chairman.

    Test — St.Petersburg has access to:

    • computer-aided system The Customs Union. Technical regulating;
    • Byelorussian national standards database of the BelGis Institute of Standardization and Certification.


    The collection of documents in a field of standardization includes:

    • GOST interstate standards — 32 000,
    • GOST R national standards of the Russian Federation— 5600
    • GOST R IEC — 300
    • GOST R ISO— 250
    • GOST R ISO/IEC — 70
    • RF national technical regulations— 24
    • Customs Union technical regulations— 32
    • other documents in a field of standardization: ISO international standards; IEC international standards; standardization rules; recommendations on standardization; guidelines; metrological instructions ; hygienic norms; sanitary rules and norms; OIML documents; rules and recommendations on certification.