24 February 2014 г.

International 180th D.Mendeleyev's Birth Anniversary Scientific-and-Practical Conference

To celebrate the 180th D.Mendeleyev's birth anniversary, Test-St.Petersburg has organized a number of events:

24th February
Session of Scientific and Technical Council of Test-St.Petersburg.

25th February
Meeting of Board of Directors of the Northwest Federal District TsSM,
Session of Presidium of RF Metrological Academy,
International Scientific-and -Practical Conference "D.Mendeleev – a Founder of the Government Metrological Service in Russia", covering the following topics:

  • D.Mendeleev's contribution to unit traceability;
  • A role of the modern system of unit traceability in innovative development of Russia’s enterprises.

Participants: Mr.G.Elkin, head of ROSSTANDART, F.Bulygin, deputy head of ROSSTANDART, directors of ROSSTANDART metrological scientific research institutes and organizations, members of the RF Metrological Academy, representatives of the foreign metrological organizations, enterprises of St.Petersburg and mass media.

Mr.G.Elkin has congratulated RAS academician V. Okrepilov, general director of Test-St.Petersburg, on his 70th  birth anniversary.